I can not believe it, it is our last week that we have to do an exhibition, our last week of new tasks but it does not finish here, we have to keep working for the portfolio and for the exam.

On Monday Linda told us what we have to do and we did a raffle of who were going to be stars. As I am a very lucky person, my name was in the paper chosen, so I has been one of the two stars this week. At first I became a little bit nervous because I only have done an exhibition in the first task after holidays but I did not have to say nothing, I just presented the video and showed to my classmates. So this time was going to be more serious than the other one, but fortunately I had a wonderful star that shines every time, we helped a lot each other.

When we had to do the relations between complexity theory and the article of Maria Teresa called “Structure of centres”, I realized that it was going to be a hard work, but I expected it because it was the final one. Tuttifruties have worked a lot this week, at the first moment we became overwhelmed because we did not find a lot of relations, but then we found more relations.

On Tuesday we stayed at the faculty in order to continue working with the task and Maria has to leave because she has to go to the hospital, so I was in charge of our work. It was more easier than I imagined. We did our work and in the afternoon I met María through Skype and I told her the new relations that we have found and then we found other relation.

On Wednesday, I felt a “deja vu” because we have to represent our relations as in the first task, TPACK. I was not nervous until the moment that Linda came but it was a question of seconds, then I felt secure of myself and of María too. We did a good representation but Linda told us that we forgot to connect peers and learning with schools that learn. We were aware of that but we forgot doing this.

So my experience as a real star was so good but I had to work a lot with María and also with the rest of the group.

As this if the final task, I want to say thank you to my mates of Tutties because they trusted on us and I felt proud of that and of being a member of this group. Also to Linda (I am not sucking up to her) but with her I have realized that people can learn working and thinking on the content and not just reading a bored book. It is true that we have work a lot during this months, but I think that it worths it.

I hope that everybody enjoy our works and I only want to say that it does not finish here, in the exam people will blow their socks off.