Hi guys! My name is Marta and this week I have been the facilitator for the first time.

On Monday, Linda told us that we have to work as always and we have to create a campaign as if we were politician. At first we saw which roles we had this week and me as the facilitator order to my mates to read the text that Linda facilitated us related to leadership.  We read them in pairs and then we put the ideas in common. We have to decided which type of leadership was going to be in our party and we chose one of them. Then we were talking about how we were going to decorate the class and we decided to print some poster with a picture of Inma and the logo of our party, also some pamphlets with our measures and pins with our sign, which we designed too. I really felt like a boss because if I said something, my girls did it, so I felt special this week.


On Tuesday we bought the materials to create our campaign and some of us was doing the handicrafts and the rest of the group was with the discourse of Inma, our star this week.


On Wednesday, we were getting the material done as soon as possible because it was the day of the exposition. Then I stayed with Inma, who was a little bit nervous, and we looked over the discourse a couple of times. We were worried about the time because she needed less time than Linda said, but then we knew that 10 minutes was the maximum. I was really nervous because I have been the boss of this work and I had a big responsibility on it. The result was really good and maybe some people will choose Inma for the truth elections of Spain (it is a joke haha). Anyway, I want to say thanks to my girls because of the hard work that we have done this week.

I have to say that I was impressed with the rest of the groups but my group has done a good work this week so I can feel proud of them as a boss. Also I would like to admit that some groups took our ideas of some materials for the campaign, we were a bit disappointed but it does not mind, it is just a stupid thing.