• Script: text where appear the instructions to follow and all the details, as the interventions of the actors, the clothes that people are going to wear …. Is used as a guide for all the members that are goig to participate, to structure the program , so in this way the steps to follow are clear.


  • Chroma key: is a method that allows you to change the background of your video. You can record some scene in a colored wall and then add a different environment or stage. For example, we record a scene in a class of the university, and then with this program we could transform it as if we where in a news program.


  • Director: the person who is responsible of directing. Is in charge of everything goes correctly, actors, scenes, wardrove…He has to give intructions to everyone of how to do things or what things must change.


  • Teleprompter: a mechanism in wich you can write a text, and the text pass in the velocity and in the sixe that you want. Is very useful when you want to say something and you don´t remember, or in presentations when you have to speak too much.


  • News program: space where some reporters tell us the facts that are happening in a day, and that are of public interest.