For this week’s blogs review I’ve chosen the analyst section from my classmates, the frisky Hedgegogs. Why this one? Because I think it’s really good presented and analyst sections are something I really like and enjoy, as it’s about reflections and makes you think deeper on what the real meaning of each task is.

I liked this one because it includes good external quotes, and they reference everything in the right way. Also, it was useful for me in a sense that it helped me understand better complexity theory, because it’s really complete and it explained really well the relationship between this week’s task (to show) and last week (complexity and relationships). The way we’ve worked relates a lot to that, as we’ve had to help each other but each one hasf a different role. I mean, we couldn’t have done it without the connections between the different parts (actors and editors, directors and cameras etc.)

Taking that, I’ve also seen their blog and I liked how well organised and structured it is. However, if I had to change something it would be the design, as it’s not very modern and catchy. Anyway, I really liked it.

Finally, I would like to make an special thanks to Jose from their group for taking the responsability of being such a good class manager and editor. Not everyone would have accepted that!