When we were doing our task this week I looked for inspiration on the Internet and some tips and ideas for our project because I had never done something like that before. That how I found this beautiful idea from BBC, exactly what we were doing, of promoting journalism and relationships on school by making a tv news broadcast.      

This was really useful for me because it gave me some tips for the final product. 

Firstly, it talks about the planning of the story, what you’re going to talk about, the way you’ll develop everything, and helps you by making some questions (what? When? How?…). Then, it gives you some tips about filming and finally gives you some general indications and instructions to follow for safety and equipment. 

I think that those kind of programmes are necessary, because as I’ve learned this week, it’s very important for children to learn to work in big groups and cooperate, depend on others work and learn to deal with responsibilities, as that’s what they’ll find when they get older in their work, studies, or general life. And the fact that such an important communication media known worldwide makes something like this to reinforce the power of cooperative work in schools is really good.