This week has been a different one because Tuttifruties did not have to work as a group, we have to work with the whole class. I suppose that Linda wanted that we get in touch and work together in a different and creative way in order to improve ourselves.

At first, on Monday we were already divided in actors and writers. We just have to finish the field of the TV shows. Two components of Tuttifruties were in writers group and the rest in actors group, this can improve the strength of the group because we have learnt different things that we can provide in the rest of works. Also it can be a good way to rest working with the same people and maybe it can be more motivated for us because we want to make a good impression of ourselves.

Last Wednesday was the most cheerful day in this subject, in my opinion. I think that as students we need some works in which we do no have to do a hard work. Sometimes a little effort with many people becomes a big work, and we did it! The result of the video is going to be amazing and I hope that everybody really enjoy it. Also, we have learnt to work with other tools that we have never used it, and the most important thing, we have learnt to be a team.

We recorded different scenes of a tv program showing those news related to complexity theory that we have discovered last week. As the whole group fount a lot of articles, we chose the best ones in order to appear in the program.  In the afternoon, we were able to see a little part of the news presenter and I have to admit that I were impressed because of the ability of the class to made this type of things. In that moment I really felt that we are improving as future teachers that will use ICT in their classes. We are capable of doing whatever the teacher propose to us and I am proud of my class and also of myself.