The first day we divided the roles in a different way, as the facilitator (Teresa) was already chosen, because she was last week’s star. As from previous week, there were two different groups on the class: editors and stars.

Editors, on one hand, were divided in 8 groups, one for coordinating each new or section, and other two for the music and tv set design. In each group there was a facilitator to control the work, based on making a schedule for the new, the set up of it and the actors for it, for which there was a casting manager. Finally, we choose all of the actors (two presenters, reporters and children), the scenario (a table with some coffee cups, like the American typical talk show, and a green background for putting some images on), the schedule for each new, the TelePrompTer and some details. We also made the editing team.

On the other hand, the actors were chosen and assigned a group, according to the new they would participate in. In each group, they were told what they exactly had to do the next day.

Then, on Tuesday we made the newspaper with our last week’s news. As I know more about editing, I was the one to shape it. On the other hand, according to the to programme, we choose the manager, who was Jose, and he choose his coordinators, which among I was, to edit the final video.

The next day it was finally the recording and everything was ready. Jose did a quick meeting with the directors of each group and coordinators in order to decide which camera brand we were going to use for all videos to have the same resolution and to give us some details. After that, each group went to a different location to record with the director and the coordinator to see the details and ask questions about the final editing of each part. The actors wore their assigned clothes (in my case the gypsies) and the recording process was finally really funny (and long, almost 20 videos failed!). When we finished, each group downloaded its videos to Jose’s computer and we went home.

Also, Linda told us that we had won the contest of the video so yeah, we’ll have an aperitif in the cantina!

However, you’ll have to wait until monday to see the final result! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did doing it!