This week’s task has been, taking about content, the most complex one by far (notice the pun). It’s been about complexity and relationships within the school, and so, education in general. I say so because, seriously, there were weeks where I would’ve loved to be the analyst in order to make a good reflection, like on the dark side of the books, or perceptions, as they are topics that I personally am really interested about and think are of great importance for us not only as teachers, but as social human beings. However, I’ve gotten the complex one, so I’ll try and do my best.

Anyway, apart from that, this week above all, I have realised how incredibly complex edication is, and how everything in some sort of way influences it. Of course, I knew that it was a really complex system, not only being formed by the great amounts of academic content, but also emotions, feelings, tiredness, loneliness, friends, beliefs, ideologies… but maybe I wasn’t aware of how everything’s related and that’s that connections can change the whole school and its values. Such an important fact that us, as students (who sometimes feel like we aren’t part of anything, that teachers don’t care about us and that the system is so centered about creating a perfect computer that forgets about our humanity), don’t know. I mean, if we knew that by using our powerful relationships we could change the system we would make it, but we don’t. Why? Simple, maybe they don’t want us to know, maybe they want to have all the power to treat us however they want and make of us their next “big generation”. They make us feel like unuseful toys, but don’t know we could make a toy story.

Well, I started writing kind of confused but this is turning interesting, don’t you think? Maybe the best ideas come from the emptiest moments. However, this is weird to me, you know? I write like a student (as I still am, and referencing my experience from my recent compulsory education), but I’m a teacher in some sort of way. Well, I’m still not, of course, but I’m on the process, as I’m going out of the process of being a student. So I’m criticising myself at the same time that I’m defending myself. I guess it’s just complex.

Now, cantering more into the actual content of the week, I guess that mainly what I, and we, as a group have learned is that everything’s connected. It doesn’t matter if you have an amazing teacher or beautiful values on your school, as if you have a bad peer relationship it will change the way you see everything. Moreover, society is constantly changing. The values, norms, government and so, educational laws change like fashions do (if we had a state pact for education it wouldn’t happen), but we will always be subject to some change, as everything dies (teacher and students included) and comes again.

We, as teachers, should be aware of that natural change and balance it with our tendency of stablishing a certain perdurance thrift norms and values, taking into account each and every aspect and relationship that could be made within the system.

Finally, must add that this week I’m very proud of the work of my fruits, as they’ve done a very good job. Maybe we could change and obviously improve in some things, like being more aware of everyone an cooperate more, but in general I’m very happy. 

Finally it turned out to be not as bad as I though it was going to be, don’t you think? Well, of course it depends on the perspective, but that’s more complex….