Hello, my name is Marta and this week I have been the star of Tuttifruties. At first, I was supposed to be the facilitator of the group but as one mate was not able to come to do the recording, the new star was me. When I knew this new I was a bit frightened because it is a responsibility as I had to communicate our work. But when the teacher told us that the star this week only had to present the video, I was a little bit calmer. Being the star is an opportunity to make you feel important and responsible. We summarized all the tasks that we have done until this week in a video of only two minutes!!

Tuesday was the day when the video was going to be shown, when the moment arrived I was a bit nervous and I did not say too many things in the presentation, but may be it is not important because the protagonist was the video and not me. Fortunately, everybody loved our video and they congratulated us. We worked really hard and the results were excellent.

Then all the groups had to evaluate the rest and the stars had to communicate the results as if we were in Eurovision. I was the first person doing it and I became nervous but I think that I did it well, it was really funny. We celebrated the votes that our mates gave to us as if we were a singer of Eurovision. At the end of the class, the result was that we have won with a punctuation of 82 votes, we were so happy but during this time we were so nervous.