I was looking for some blogs that talk about the dark side of textbooks, and I found one that is too interesting, it can help us to understand better why textbooks are not a help for teachers and also for students. This is the link of the blog http://www.edutopia.org/textbook-publishing-controversy#comment-240226 

Tamin Ansary, the autor of this article that was written in 2004, wanted to reflected that “textbooks are as crucial to the teacher as a blueprint is to a carpenter”.  Also she made some critiques about the bad use of textbooks that teachers do. Then she provided some interesting tools that teachers may be aware of. She said that in Texas, students spend more money on its public school, and they dedicate a big amount of money to textbooks.

In conclusion, she try to inspire teachers to do not use the textbook as the better tool. A teacher may use it but he has to provide his knowledge and pay less attention to it. Editorials use to take advantage of this and they raise the price until the way that some people can not afford to buy textbooks every year.

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