Here we have the story of Miss Apple. With this story we want to show to children the importance of work in groups without taking into account the differences between people; because these differences are our qualities and skills.

This is the story of miss Apple, whom was born in an apple tree. From there, she saw other types of trees, with a lot of different fruits, something that produced her a lot of curiosity.

One day, they took her to a fruit shop, where she met more apples. There were also other boxes with fruits according to the type tree they were born in. Miss Apple realised that her friends judged and criticised the other fruits because they were different to them, so she started to think that they were bad.

Suddenly, a woman took and put her in a bag, with a fruit of each kind. Miss apple was very frightened, because she had been kept away from the rest of apples, being together with the rest of fruits that she rejected.

When they arrived to the woman’s house none of the fruits would speak to each other, because they didn’t know how to behave with fruits that were different to them.

However, miss Apple listened that the woman was going to prepare a fruit salad, so she was forced to talk to the rest. Together, they made up a plan to escape, excepting the kiwi that denied to cooperate with the rest.

Thanks to the bananas length, they could go out of the bag.

Thanks to the width of the Apple, they knew which path they had to follow.

Thanks to the soft hair of the strawberry they could jump without being hurt.

Thanks to the happiness of the kiwi the trip was so much better, and his motivation made them find the way out.

Finally, they escaped and learned that being different is an advantage, as without these little different they could’ve never survived. Kiwi for not wanting to join the rest, stayed in the bad and they never knew anything about him.

With this story, we wanted to show you that cooperating and working in group is a great advantage, because as we each have different qualities we can complement each other and be better. And that even though we are all different, at the end we’re all just the same, fruit.