This is the third work we have done in the subject and we had to invent a good story. For us, this activity is more interesting and funnier than the other two we have made before. I guess the teacher wanted us to do the story to increase our imagination ans our creativity. On monday class we choose the topic about the work. The topic had to be a content of Primary. After thinking on it and sharing different ideas we believed the best would be talking about the student diversity. We guessed that we had to be original so we invented a story about the pet of our group, Miss Apple. A component of the group brought from her house different fruits (an apple, an orange, a banana, a strawberry and a pear) in order to makes photos for the video. Also, we made a power point in which we explain with phrases and images the story of Miss Apple.                                                                                                        Maybe the best part of the activity was when put stickers in the eyes and drew the smiles in the fruits because we laugh a lot and all the people looked us and I guess they thought we were so strange. On the other and, the worst part of the group was looking for the images with creative commons. With this task we have learnt to be more creative in the presentations when we have to teach to our children as we learnt in the subject “Planificación” that it said that we have to be so creative to not bore the child. If we   weren´t original the child would be bored, they wouldn´t want to go to the school and this would foment the school leave.