This week as a star has been really, really stressful.

The first day we had a really big confussion because we realised that due to the way we stablished the changes of the roles, one star had to repeat hers. However, she rejected to do it again, so we had to improvise a new jerarchy. That’s why I wasn’t expecting to be an star, as supposedly my turn was in a few weeks. We sorted it and when they said my name I couldn’t believe it 🙃. In real life, I didn’t rejected that, I mean, I really didn’t mind being an star, it’s not a big deal, but that week we had another exposition for another subject, as well as another work, and that’s why felt he way I did (overwhelmed could be the best description).

From that moment my star mate Teresa and I started to think on creative and fun ways of teaching children topics that we think are really important for them to comprehend, like was diversity. We thought on telling it like a story for them to understand it better and connect with the idea more directly. That’s why we developed that idea of the fruits, basing ourselves on the name of our group and our beautiful pet (miss Apple🍏🍎💚❤️) inspired the rest. We made some pictures and the PowerPoint basing on the Creative Commons licence that our mates explained to us.

Finally, the day came. I was so nervous that I confused the hour and went to class half an hour before the start, and made our last training together. When the rest of the groups started talking I saw that their works were differently developed, and started to freak out (what if we’ve made it wrong?😨😰)  and also, the teacher was being very critique with everyone. However, despite of the nerves, when our turn came in I felt really confident and believed in our work (who’s going to defend it if it’s not us? 😎) When I went to present, I could really tell I wouldn’t be sure that something happened at all. It was like getting into a time machine, as when I came to realise it was over. There were some mistakes with the video (even though we’d review that), but we felt really happy with it as a whole, as everyone seemed to like it and so the teacher. 💁👌

The bad thing came when she told us that we had to repeat it (not again please 😫😩). I mean, I understand that we had some mistakes and could review them, but doing it all over again, thinking on out her ways of catching people’s attention in just 4 minutes.. That’s really difficult. However, I hope we’ll make it better on Monday class. ✊💪


The exposition seems to me a great and anxious experience at the same time.

On one hand, I get really  nervous when I have to talk in front of many  people, so  I think that with this presentation I had a good opportunity to  confront my  fears  and  try to overcome them.  In addition, you can practice and improve your English, because the teacher  correct  the mistakes you have commited during your exposition.

Also it was funny to put in the situation of being the teacher for a moment, explaining a primary content and imagining  that the rest of your classmates are your pupils.

The worst,  in my opinion,  is when Wednesday arrives and you are listening to your partners and waiting your turn, because you become more nervous and you have the sensation that you forget everything you´ll have to say later