I was looking through my mates’ blog posts to get inspiration for our own, or just for seeing how they had developed theirs last week and found one that I really liked. It was an entrance called “Feeling like a star or at least trying to“, from “The prickles” blog. It captivated me from the first time and I couldn’t help but keeping on reading, even though it wasn’t an interesting topic, but just a chronicle about Juan’s experience like the star of the group. 

Firstly, I find it interesting because I think he was a really good star last week and I wanted to know how he did it to be so fluent and captivating. Also, we didn’t have any post on our blog about that role last week, as we didn’t knew it had to be reflected, and finally it was really good narrated and creative, as he dared to put funny gifs in the post. 

This mixture of creativity, good expression, fluency and funny content made me jealous of them (in a good way), and gave me ideas as well as showing me that we don’t need to be that “correct” or academically perfect to be good, and that some times it’s ok to get out of the barriers.