The first day, our teacher Linda explained what our work was going to be about. For us, it was kind of scary, as we still didn’t have any feedback from the previous week and didn’t know what to expect.

Finally, she told us what our week assignment was. On that moment, we were a little bit confused, as some members didn’t understand what it consisted of. Then, we assigned the roles jerarchickly and relaxed a little bit, as we started to search for information and realised it was a really interesting and easy topic. This exact day we divided our work and individually searched for infromation at home about the different types of map.

The next day, we met for each one to explain the rest its part and solved doubts that we had to make sure everyone understood everything. Then, together, we choose the countries we wanted to compare, and discussed everything about the work, such as its different sizes according to the map or the one we’d choose for our class. Finally, stars met to organise and train the presentation.

On Wednesday, we went to class and saw the presentations of our mates. We were really nervous, because last time we had a lot of mistakes, so we were scared that the same thing happened again, but finally  we did it and we could see that we improved quite a lot. There were some problems with the presentation, as we couldn’t remember that there were two files, and our stars got nervous so one of them forgot to say one part, as well as read the paper even though she knew it perfectly.

Then, when we finished presenting we noted the mistakes that our teacher said we had and improved our work. Finally, the last two days each member of the group developed its role in the blog, following the notations of our teacher in the previous one to improve and hoped for the best to come.