• Technological knowledge: is the knowledge about tools. The understanding of how to choose, handle and incorporate technology into the curriculum. For example in schools there are available computers and Internet as working tools.
  • Content knowledge: is what teachers know about a specific subject, the teacher’s knowledge about the discipline that they teach and what they will transmit or explain to their pupils. For instance, maths, science or any other areas.
  • Technological content knowledge: is the knowledge about how to use technology for a specific subject. For example, it is important for a teacher to be aware of the impact of technology in the practice, and to know about the subject that he/she explains, to choose the correct technological tool depending on her/his goals or purposes.
  • Technological pedagogical knowledge: is the understanding of how to choose the correct technological tools for each individual student in order to improve the teaching-learning process. 
  • TPACK: is an educational model about “what should know and what should do an effective teacher”. The understanding of how tools can improve your teaching and support students learning to achieve a better and an effective work.