At first, we choose our roles in this first work, in which we had to talk about TPACK, and created a whatsapp group.

On monday morning, our teacher Linda explained us the best way to do this first work easily and during the morning we talked about how to organise and do it.

Later in the afternoon , we decided to meet by Skype for distributing the work in seven parts, the number of the components of the work’s group, as well as deciding together what mind map we were going to use to expose it.

Next day, Tuesday, we stayed at university to do the manual and visual work with a lot of material like for example, a poster board, felt, play dough…


Finally we finished the material work and went home to prepare the exposition in class and the rest of the roles of the components.

Wednesday we had some problems because we had chosen two stars and the teacher told us that we could only have one, so we had to change it. She also said that we hadn’t understood well the concept of TPACK, so we had to review it and change some things.

The rest of the week we have been preparing the rest of the work to upload to our blog. For example, in this table, our analyst will mark us depending on our individual participation in our first work.